No Dumb Questions

Does blotting a slice of pizza eliminate any calories?

A few, but not many, says the nutritionist. It’s hard to say how many calories you sop up with your napkin – we can’t find any studies – but it’s safe to assume that your cheese-laden slice isn’t a calorie-free food as a result. If you’re going to blot, do it while the pizza’s hot. It isn’t as effective with cold foods or reheated items, since the oil has already penetrated. Better yet, pare down the oil from the get-go by asking for just a little cheese and nixing the meat toppings.

Feed a cold, starve a fever

I have a cold. Should I just eat what I want in the name of good health?

As much as we’d love to report that you should feed a cold and a fever, the best practice is somewhere in the middle. Here’s the Rx for what to eat (and drink) when you’re sick.

 High fevers often cause loss of appetite and stomach upset, so light, low-fat meals (like plain toast or clear broth) are best, since they’re easy to digest.
 Colds and flu bring on congestion. Fluids reduce symptoms and promote healing, so serve up hot chicken soup, which loosens secretions. Also, sip hot tea to help reduce coughing.

Flu News We Love: Sugar-free gelatin and sugar-free ice pops can soothe a sore throat while providing fluids.

Missing Link

It’s troubling that 3 in 10 people who’d been told by doctors that they were overweight or obese still didn’t see their weight as a health issue.

Go dark

Iceberg lettuce, cucumbers and celery have fiber and almost no calories. But let’s face it: They’re nutrient weaklings. As an alternative, select darker, more deeply hued items like spinach, peppers or scallions, which are richer in nutrients like Vitamin C.

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