Rut Strut

Keep your walks interesting with these boredom busters:

Play switcharoo. If your schedule permits, consider transplanting your walk to another time. If you’re used to greeting the day with a break-of-dawn hike, try strapping on your shoes at sundown. Or change your normal after-work saunter to an early kick start. Do an about-face on your regular route, setting off in the opposite direction. Simple alterations can be enough to smooth over a groove.

Be spontaneous. Drive a set distance, then get out and walk (just don’t get lost). Changing locations can purge dullness from your steps and reintroduce the simple joy of moving.

Try new duds or gadgets. Sometimes all you need to rev your interest is a novelty — a new pair of shades or shoes, perhaps a new watch. The additions don’t have to be extravagant, just fresh enough to reset the pulse of your enthusiasm.

Seek contentment. Embark on a fascinating investigation of yourself. Use your walk to explore… not just your surroundings but the inner crevices of your hopes, problems, strengths, and faults. Then dare to work on all of them.

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