Safe Ride

Biking to work is an opportunity to cycle off calories while curbing your carbon footprint. But whether you’re a veteran rider or haven’t pedaled since you were a pup, heed these safety reminders before you wheel off to your job:

  • Wear a helmet. While it might ruffle your hair, a safety helmet could save your life. Finding the best fit is the key. Measure your head circumference at about an inch above your eyebrows. Make sure the helmet sits level on your head, never tilted forward or backward, and tighten the chin strap until the helmet presses against your forehead when you open your mouth.
  • Remember traffic signals. If you’re a little rusty, brush up on the proper hand gestures for indicating stop as well as left and right turns. And don’t forget to give traffic fair warning before you make your move.
  • Be prudent. Ride with the flow of traffic, staying to the far right unless you’re traveling at the same speed as motorized vehicles. Make sure your bike has reflection devices and that you wear reflective strips or garments (available at most athletic and outdoor stores). Always obey traffic laws and ride defensively — while you may have the right of way, you can’t bank on cars yielding to you.

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