Quit Fooling Around

You don’t have to trick yourself into eating healthy. Good nutrition to feel great, build energy, and keep your body and mind in top condition doesn’t mean giving up your favorite foods:

  • Keep it fresh: The same dishes can make your meals feel a little ho hum, and lead you to the nearest unhealthy option. Instead, mix it up — use lean ground turkey instead of ground beef, or plain yogurt and fresh fruit in place of sweetened yogurt.
  • Downsize: In recent years, serving sizes — especially in restaurants — have increased, often making dining out a less healthy choice. Try selecting an appetizer instead of an entrée, sharing with a friend, or taking half home for another meal.
  • Add veggies: Vegetables are nutritious and full of fiber. Prepare them differently (try roasting), or toss them with a little olive oil, flavored vinegar, and herbs for a delicious salad. Puree or grate them into your favorite meals.
  • Top with water: Our bodies are 75% water, yet most of us don’t get enough. Water flushes the body of toxins, rehydrates the organs, and moisturizes the skin from inside out. Think the taste is a little dull? Mix in some fresh juice or fruit/vegetable slices, or drink it warm with lemon and honey.

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