Painless Gum Surgery

Three out of four Americans have gum disease, and 97 percent don’t get help. Why? Fear of painful gum surgery. Two Los Angeles dentists are making the decision for surgery much easier.

Janice cares about her teeth. Yet she was willing to risk losing them to gum disease because the cutting, stitches, bleeding and pain of gum surgery scared her off.

Janice, “My friend told me if I ever have to have my gums cut, don’t do it. Have your teeth pulled before you have it done because she was in agony.”

Fortunately for Janice there was one more option; Dr. Gregg’s new “painless” laser procedure.

With this tiny wand, Dr. Gregg and partner need no scalpel or stitches. The laser moves along the gum line destroying only diseased tissue; leaving healthy tissue in place. These dentists say not only is it fast and painless, but for the first time ever they’re seeing the damage reversed.

“Conventional thinking says that once you’ve lost the bone it never comes back,” says Dr. Gregg, a dental surgeon in Los Angeles. “We’re actually seeing bony regeneration; which, prior to the laser and this technique, was unheard of.”

Dr. Gregg says it lasts longer, too. Traditional surgery usually has to be redone within five years if the infection returns. He says the majority of his patients won’t need a second treatment.

Janice, “My teeth don’t bleed when I brush them, and they’re pretty tight in my mouth. They’re not loose.”

Janice is thrilled with her results and insists a trip to the dentist doesn’t have to be a pain. “I think it’s a breakthrough in dentistry. I don’t think people should be afraid to go to the dentist and have this done,” she says.

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