Gum Disease Floss

You’re probably getting used to hearing your dentist talk about the importance of flossing your teeth. But there’s a whole new kind of floss available, and it’s fighting more than just plaque build-up.

Jim suffers from gum disease. A space develops between his gum and his teeth — bacteria fills in the space. But now he’s getting help with a new type of dental weapon. It may look like regular dental floss, but it’s saturated with antibiotics and can only be used by dentists.

Dental Dr.
“We place it right in the space between the gum and the tooth, where the bacteria live and then it releases the tetracycline right at the site of the bacteria we’re trying to kill.”

Jim is a good candidate because his problem is in just one area and the floss-like strand puts high doses of the antibiotic right at site. The floss is left in place for ten days and then removed.

Jim, Gum Disease Patient:
“There’s really no discomfort whatsoever. You just have to watch the really hard foods that you eat, but as far as pain or discomfort, there really isn’t any.”

The product is F-D-A- approved. Dentists say it’s proving effective in fighting gum disease. . . and in many cases offers a less invasive, less costly solution than surgery.

This antibiotic dental floss is not recommended for people with a history of yeast infection, or anyone allergic to tetracycline.

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