On-the-Job Fitness

Biking or walking to work is simply not possible for everyone. If your commute must be by car or train, you can still find fun, easy ways to get more activity into your work day.

Use an exercise ball as a chair to keep core muscles continuously engaged, improving posture and balance. If this isn’t an option, try an inflatable cushion.

Visit the farthest restroom, drinking fountain, copy machine, etc. These extra steps add up. Wear your step counter; work on increasing your daily steps to 10,000.

Put meetings in motion. Invite coworkers to brainstorm on an outdoor walk, rather than seated around the table in a stuffy conference room.

Do yoga at your desk for 5-10 minutes before lunch. Yoga or basic stretches can wake up your body and your mind, helping you get ready for the next part of your day.

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