Move more and Age Less

A workout may be your ticket to youth. Scientists can estimate how quickly cells are aging by the shortening of protective caps (telomeres) on the ends of chromosomes. Bad habits – smoking, a poor diet – speedup that process, but in a study of 7,800 women, Harvard researchers found that exercise may actually slow it down. Women who did moderate-to-vigorous workouts for two to four hours a week had longer telomeres –equivalent to being six or seven years younger – than those who put in less than one hour a week. You need more than a three-mile-per-hour walk, but you don’t have to sprint or go very far.

Worst Seat on the Plane

Old Thinking Cramped leg space in coach makes you more prone to blood clots

New Thinking When it comes to deep vein thrombosis (DVT), or blood clots in the legs, the window seat anywhere – even in first and business class – turns out to be the riskiest spot, reports the American College of Chest Physicians in a new analysis. It has to do with manners: Polite passengers in window seats may be reluctant to disturb their seatmates, so they don’t get up and move, thus increasing their chances of DVT. For a flight longer than six hours, score an aisle seat if you can – but wherever you end up sitting, do the calf stretches found in most in-flight magazines, and take a walk every hour or two.

Good to Know About 38% of migraine sufferers could be helped by preventive meds, including blood pressure and antiseizure drugs, with the frequency of attacks slashed in half, new headache-treatment guidelines suggest.

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