Push Pause

Are you overdoing it? While summer is the time to regroup and rejuvenate, often it’s the vacations and activities meant to recharge your battery that actually drain it. Find ways to insert daily and weekly moments of peace and quiet so you don’t overdraw from your energy bank:

  • Try using household chores as an excuse to have some all–important me time. While your dishwasher may be more convenient, returning to the old–fashioned hand–washing approach can actually be relaxing. Or put on your favorite CD and dust or sweep — you’ll stress less about taking time to chill if you’re being simultaneously productive.
  • Schedule 5–15 minutes on your calendar to stop and just breathe. Snag the time during the day when you’d otherwise be surfing the Internet, checking email, or updating your status on social networking sites. While days are packed with appointments, errands, and activities, there are always buffer spots that could be specifically applied to personal tranquility, whether you choose to meditate, pray, stretch, or just close your eyes and relax.
  • Give yourself at least 1 hour a week to enjoy a longer decompression period — like a yoga class, massage, or morning walk.

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