Lazy Girl Fitness – Brush my Teeth Workout

This one is called: Brush my Teeth Workout (Takes 2 minutes, the time you should be taking for brushing your teeth)…and yes I brush my teeth while doing this.

1. Toe Raises – Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, raise up to a high releve and then back down. I do this 20 times.

2. Side Lunges – Start in a standing position, lunge to the Left or Right then push-off your lunge leg. One leg stays stationary at all times, do 12 on each leg then switch to the other side.

3. Stationary Lunges – I put my leg on the bath tub then proceed to do 15 stationary lunges on each leg. (tip – If you can’t see your toes then your foot is to close, push it out).

Then spit and rinse your mouth! Your toothbrush workout is over, and it should take you about 2 minutes!!!

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