How to Save as a USANA Preferred Customer

Here are three easy ways you can save money by being a USANA Preferred Customer:

  • Via Auto Order Discount: you will receive a 10% additional discount over your already discounted Preferred Customer Price on setting up a monthly autoship order.
  • Through the Initial Order Reward: you will receive a 10% off your initial purchase. This discount will be given to you in your next two auto orders after splitting
  • Lastly, through Preferred Customer Pricing: these are the discounted prices, especially for our Preferred Customers.

Advantages of being a USANA Preferred Customer

If you are wondering what being a Preferred Customer is going to get you, you have come to the right place. Let’s talk about the USANA PC benefits.

For starters, the process is completely FREE. It means you don’t have to pay any registration fee or annual charges. There is no obligation on you to make a purchase either. Plus, you can cancel anytime.

You can get all your USANA products at a discounted price, a price just set for you.

And that’s not even the end. You can also enjoy an initial order reward of 10%. This reward will be split in half and paid over your next two auto orders. Plus, you can get all these discounts at the same time. With this understanding, you will be able to purchase USANA products at a price lower than you’ve ever paid before.

Let’s look at an example. Say you have made an initial purchase of $100. This means $10 will go to your next two auto orders in addition to the 10% discount you will get. So, the product worth of $58.25 will cost you only $42.95.

So, what are you waiting for?

What makes the USANA Preferred Customer Program great?

When years ago, USANA introduced its Preferred Customer Program, its goal was to help create satisfied customers. And it has achieved.

Here are the reasons which make it so great:

  • The Preferred Customer Program allows the users to place direct orders with USANA, either online or by phone.
  • Preferred Customers can buy products at a Wholesale Price. They are also eligible for a 10% additional discount on Auto Order.
  • It is completely FREE to sign up. There is NO order obligation either.
  • As opposed to the Retail Customers, USANA Associates do not need to place, collect, deliver, or pay for the orders placed by their PCs.
  • USANA Distributor can qualify for Retail Sales Order requirements by using their PCs’ orders. Thus, they can meet their 5 Retail Customers every 4 week Rolling Period.
  • Note: this requirement is for USANA associates, not Preferred Customers.
  • US Associates who meet the requirements of Retail Sales Order through their PCs can pay lower taxes. They classify as Non-distributor Associates and get lower sales tax than Distributor Associates.
  • Preferred Customers place larger orders as compared to Retail Customers.
  • Many Preferred Customers have joined USANA as Associates, following their positive experience.
  • USANA PCs can be used to help optimize Group Sales Volume (GSV) and Commission Volume Points (CVP). These come in handy for USANA’s Associates.
  • And these are just some plus points.

How do we do it at USANA?

So here is how it goes. Every time a customer tells us they want to order a USANA product, we recommend them to set up as a USANA Preferred Customer. It is totally FREE, has NO obligations whatsoever, and you can cancel anytime should you change your mind.

Once you become a Preferred Customer, you get to place orders directly from our USANA website. This service is available 24/7. You will be given your own account number that you can use for placing orders. OR you could place an order by a toll-free phone number. And the best part yet, you get to pay the Wholesale price instead of the retail price.

Next, if you plan to order certain products on a regular basis, we recommend joining USANA’s Auto Order program. What are the benefits? You ask. We tell you, that you will have a hassle-free way of having the products delivered to you at your doorstep every 4 or 8 weeks. Plus, you get an additional 10% discount. So now you have 20% off Retail Price.

What happens when the customers agree? Glad you asked!

We then ask them for their mailing address, email address, and a reachable phone number. This information, we explain to them, we use to establish their USANA preferred Customer account. We pass this information to our representatives working at USANA and they get back to us with the new PC’s account number.

Our USANA Distributor Services Representative is then told that our customer will establish their payment method through their first order. And so, we do not take credit card information from our customers. And there are plenty of reasons why not.

What else do we do?

We set up a temporary PIN number for our new Preferred Customer. They use it to place orders. Usually, we use our PC’s initials combined with their ZIP to create their PIN. For example, HS11123.

As soon as the PC account is established, we immediately contact our customers, giving them their account details. We guide them on how they can use it to place orders and change their PIN if they like.

Note: if a customer wishes to place a Retail Order, we charge them the Retail Prices. Shipping and sales tax is also applicable. No exceptions are made.

And so, this is how we do it at USANA

Hope this helps you understand how you can grow with USANA Business.
For the new Associates, make sure to share this information with your new members so they understand our business better. Hope to see you bloom!
Best wishes


Becoming a Preferred Customer brings you the freshest, 100% original, state-of-the-art products of USANA, directly from Salt Lake City, UT where they are manufactured. Our products are 10% lower than any retail price found online. Plus, as a USANA Preferred Customer, you have a chance to save 10% extra!


Advantages of Being a USANA Preferred Customer of Performance Vitamins:
  1. It’s totally FREE!
  2. As most of USANA’s Products last for about 4 weeks, USANA brings its Preferred Customer an opportunity to put an Auto order. This gets you your products after 4 weeks, at an additional 10% discount automatically.
  3. There are no obligations for your order. NO minimum order requirement for Auto Order.
  4. You can change, cancel, or put your Auto-Orders on hold every month. NO penalty!
  5. Preferred Customers also qualify for an “initial order reward”. This is the reward new PCs get on their first-ever order. This award is calculated from your initial order, split in half (5% each time), and awarded on the next 2 auto orders.
  6. Your login will give you discounts for being a PC. It will also allow you to change your Auto Orders or make additional orders with USANA Health Sciences.
  7. You can also subscribe to emails from the USANA Science department. So the health-related information and discoveries will be emailed to you.
  8. You will also have a 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days. You can return, replace, or get a refund for a product that you find dissatisfactory.
  9. Preferred Customers also have access to USANA’s outstanding Customer Service. No queries of yours would be left unanswered.
  10. Our customers who register with us as USANA Preferred Customer with Performance vitamins will also receive product samples and extra incentives periodically. You will also receive our Performance Vitamins Newsletter
    Our team is here for you. Any questions, problems, or queries you have, do not hesitate to ask us here. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible!

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