Heart Card

Imagine you feel your heart pounding. Is it a heart attack or just indigestion? If you’re a heart patient, you know the frustration of trying to describe your symptoms to your doctor after the fact. Now there’s a way to document symptoms as they happen.

Auto broker David knows how scary it can be when his heart starts to pound. “I went to the hospital a couple of times because I panicked a little more than what I should have.”

Not anymore. Now when David feels his heart racing, he reaches for his Heartcard — a battery-operated monitor that records and stores his heartbeat. Then all David has to do is call his doctor.

Put the card to the receiver and hit the send button. A built-in modem transmits his heartbeat –or EKG –directly to his doctor’s receiving machine.

“This is unique in the sense that is seems to be such a nice recording, not as much interference, what we call artifact, muscle artifact and movement, so we’re able to make a diagnosis in an easier fashion.”

Todays David’s EKG was just a little faster than normal. That brings peace of mind. “It’s kind of like a baby and a pacifier. You get so used to it, if you don’t have it you kind of panic a little bit.”

“If we can evaluate with an easy instrument like the Heartcard whether the rhythm is serious or not, we may avoid a very expensive, several thousand dollar work-up in the hospital.” Dr. Said.

For David, that’s reason enough to keep this card close. “Exactly like American Express…you never leave home without it.”

The Heartcard has been approved by the FDA.

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