Healing the Hoarder Within

Hoarding has become a national phenomenon rooted in an inability to organize, make decisions, and let go. Even if you’re not afflicted by an extreme case, chances are you’re clinging to something that’s holding you back. In honor of Aviation Month, take steps to let go of emotional, physical, or mental baggage so you can take flight with your own wings.

  • Divide and conquer: The ancient practice of Feng Shui argues that physical clutter affects inner contentment. According to organizing expert FlyLady, you can quickly attack hotspots in your home by asking yourself whether you love an item for sentimental reasons, have used it in the last year, need more than one, or can easily replace it. Divvy your stash into 3 boxes: Toss It, Donate It, or Put It Away Now. Don’t hold out for a garage sale — the charitable act of giving away unneeded items not only lightens your load, it softens your heart.
  • Untangle and unwind: Since it often derives from fears of the future and a sense of being overwhelmed, stress bogs down your inner peace — burdening your emotional, motivation, and optimism — important factors in achieving contentment or pursuing dreams. To unshackle yourself, take each hour at a time, tackling each responsibility individually. Let go by using a worry journal to record your thoughts, concerns, and to–dos so they don’t clutter your mind as you tend to others matters or try to sleep.

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