Family Feast

Science confirms what generations have long known — that coming together to break bread is one of the most important family rituals. So rally your kin for a meal that fosters the spirit of unity.

  • Stow the TV trays: Even with large gatherings, it’s possible to gather around the dinner table. Use card and patio tables to expand your sitting space. Try to keep everyone contained in intimate spaces where food and dialogue can be shared.
  • Turn off the technology at chow time: There are plenty of distractions during the week, from TV to texting to surfing the web. Avoid the temptation to immerse yourself in the virtual world when the real one is happening right around you.
  • Get interactive: Before starting the meal, encourage everyone to talk about something that happened during the day. Or give each person a chance to share a favorite story that starts with something like, “My funniest memory is…”

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