Halloween Havoc

The season of jack–o’–lanterns, bonfires, haunted houses, and horror films are upon us. While spooky pranks and sacks of candy come with the territory, avoid a truly scary story with these safety tips:

  • Make sure costumes are labeled as flame resistant
  • Improve visibility with reflective tape, brightly colored costumes, and flashlights
  • Keep children’s masks loose fitting around the eyes, mouth, and nose
  • Be sure toy swords and knives are made of soft, flexible material
  • Accompany children and make sure they remain on sidewalks
  • Approach only houses with outdoor lights on
  • Do not allow children to enter homes
  • Remove potential hazards from your yard/walkway that could cause falls
  • Inspect all children’s candy before they eat it
  • Keep pumpkins with candles away from areas and materials that could ignite
  • Make sure each group of children is small enough that 1 adult can safely supervise
  • Use extra precautions when driving — go slowly through neighborhoods and look out for children running across lawns and streets
  • Don’t forget about your pets — keep them away from candy, pumpkins, decorations, electrical wires, and trick or treaters — too many ghosts and goblins can be stressful for even the friendliest Fidos.

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