Look at the Glucids Side of Our Dish

The glucids are the basis of our nourishment. They cover today 50% to 55% of our energetic needs. Is this justified?

Cereals are modern food!

More or less cereals contain 10% of proteins. Few lipids, a lot of glucids, mineral salt and vitamins. We saw it, refined cereals, are new aliments to the worldwide scale.

They appear only 10,000 years ago, quickly they became the base of food for humans and they used to represent the bet food for a good health. Now this food is pointed by extremely serious studies. Researches made as well in the USA by scientists or in France by doctors, give the same analysis and demonstrate that to eat cereals can bring to several health problems.

A food too rich in cereals, light in fat but full of bad glucids could be the cause of over-weight and even obesity. This kind of food could increase certain cardio vascular disease or diabetes. Because they bring too many fibers and stops a good digestion of good products, they might build a deficit of vitamins, minerals, salt and oligo elements.

If cereals contain a good quantity of vitamins (vitamins B), all those vitamins cannot be absorbed by the metabolism because of antinutritionals substances. Therefore not even 20% of vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) and the vitamin B8 (biotine) are really absorbed. Cereals are also very rich in minerals like phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and manganese. They also contain zinc, copper and iron. But all that is not enough to make them become mineralization food. First of all, cereals are balanced because they have ten times more phosphorus and five times more magnesium than calcium. And like vitamins, to absorb lots of minerals is stopped by anti nutritionals substances like phytates.

Then we have to say that metabolism of the D vitamin (which is an actor of the development of the bounds) is changed by eating too much cereals.

Several studies talk about the negative influence of cereals on the evolution of auto immune diseases such as: rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, lupus erythematosus, or some thyroid diseases. According to the authors, cereals bring anti-nutritional substance which could modify the bowel wall. The bowel wall will become more permeable to some antigens as proteins of bacteria or virus which will play a starting part in the auto immune disease. In the same time, epidemiological studies tell us that auto immune disease are rare in the population who don’t eat cereals.

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