Getting Started Right with Home Based Business – USANA

Congratulations on starting your USANA business.  Your business is now open. What are the next steps? People don’t buy what you do… people are not gonna be like: Oh, USANA! Great, I’ve been looking and waiting for somebody talking to me about USANA and the business.. they buy Why you do it … and what you do in your daily actions proves to them what you believe. So the way that you live your life, the way you live USANA, and the way you pull USANA into your life will help people see value in what you’re doing and believe in, because you value what you’re doing… that’s your mindset when you start your USANA business. I’ve been in the company for 16 years, but the first 10 years, I didn’t have a why for my business, I had a why for why I love the products, this wasn’t computing for me on how to make USANA a worthwhile business, I wasted 10 years of using the products but not sharing it with other people. I want to make sure that you don’t make the same mistake, please take some time to make it your priority: what drove you to say “Yes” to USANA, to the USANA business? Not just the products, but what drove you to say yes to this opportunity as business? I want you to think about some goals, your intentions on what you want to get out of it, write down your goals, make them a vision board. Something that will give you a visual reminder every day on why you are doing this and where you want to go. It’s super powerful!

Define Your “Purpose” – Before taking any action, you need to discover why you want to build a home business with USANA. It’s important to visualize and write down what you hope to achieve. Create a daily visual reminder for yourself. Your why will be the force to drive you through every obstacle as you build your home based business. It will give you the confidence to overcome setbacks and achieve your dreams. Your why will become the foundation on which you build the rest of your USANA business.

Facts Tell, Stores Sell – What everyone wants to know is why you love USANA. How USANA helped you make the difference that you saw in your body, how it would affect your health, how it would affect your skin, how it would help you do whatever it is that it’s help you do what you love about it.. those are the things that’s going to intrigue someone, grab somebody’s attention and make someone comfortable wanting to join you, and give your recommended products a try. The first thing first is that you just need to try the USANA products yourself, figure out which ones are your favorites, you need to try everything, make sure that you are living USANA, you’re using USANA products so that you developed your own experience and your own story with USANA. When you have your own experience with something, it’s gonna be so much easier for you to speak from that point of view, you are going to be excited about sharing the product information, be comfortable and confident in sharing that information, because this is what happened to you, your own experience and your own story.

Your personal experience with the USANA products will be your best sales tool.

  • Take and use the USANA products regularly to share the benefits you’ve experienced from taking the products
  • Practice sharing those experiences with others you know will help you to craft your story.

Product testimonials are a strong, authentic way to connect with potential customers and team members. Be authentic and relate back to the wants and needs of the person you’re speaking with.

Take your “before” picture now if you’re using Celavive or weight management products.

USANA Business Tools – We have some great tools to get you started right. Whether you want to learn more about our products or share USANA with others, USANA has all the necessary tools.

  • Customer Catalog
  • USANA Media Center
  • Ask the Scientist
  • Get to Know USANA

USANA Auto Order – Another tool you can use if your auto order. Auto order is an order that processes every 28 days and allows you to be able to keep your USANA products coming in. Most of the products that we have is based on a monthly usage … like the USANA vitamins, the Health Pack … so when you’re getting ready to be done with it, another one will process and it’ll be shipped straight to your house. This just makes it super easy to keep everything on track to make sure that you’re getting the products you need, when you need them, you can login, change the products, you don’t have to get the same item every time. You get what you need, what you’re going to use or what you want to sample off or to resell or whatever… but being on USANA autoship also gives you access to earning extra income right with USANA. When you came into the business you have two options: you can come in with that ten-dollar member affiliate or a product referral link that you can use or comment, you can literally start your business with USANA for ten dollars. For only ten dollars, you can come in with a home business that gives you access to the Preferred Customer PC order bonus, what is that? It’s a product referral link that you can share and send out to people and make recommendations. Every time somebody orders from your referral link, you get 10% of whatever they ordered or spent whether or not you are on auto order. As soon as you create an account you save 10% off the retail value of USANA products. If you are on auto order, you are actually saving 20% off the retail price, so you’re saving extra money. And then when you’re on autoship, it actually gives you access to earn more of those products that you’re selling. When you’re on a 100 point autoship, it will give you access to USANA preferred customer pc order bonus, and you’ll also get paid out on the volume of any of the products that you’re moving through your business line in one business center. If you’re on a 200 point autoship, that will give you access to the USANA PC order bonus and you can also earn income from three business centers versus just one business center. You are getting paid in multiple ways. Autoship gives you a bigger discount, it has your products coming straight to your door and gives you more of an income earning potential, don’t ever miss your auto order.

Set Goals – What do you want out of your USANA  business? How much time will you dedicate to USANA to meet your goals? Now is the time to define your intentions.

I/We commit to:

  • Working ___ hours / week on my USANA business
  • Connect with ___ people online/in-person
  • Enroll __ Preferred Customers (PCs) per week
  • Receive my first Preferred Customer PC bonus by ___

Talking to Potential Customers – when you’re talking with a potential customer, you’ll find you run into a few different types of people. Your new customer may know exactly what they need; they may need a bit of guidance; or they could have no idea where to start when it comes to supplementation.

Do’s & Don’t’s When Recommending A Product


  • Ask the questions up front and keep track of the answers.
  • Ask “yes” or “no” questions to make it easy for your customer rot respond quickly and without a log of thought.
  • Stop asking questions once you receive enough information to put together three or four product recommendations.
  • Create a custom share link for the customer that contains your product recommendations based on their needs
  • Send the Share link to the customer however they’d prefer – text message, email, direct message on social media, etc.
  • Quickly explain (in a few sentences) the reasons behind your recommendations and make sure to repeat back to them the information they shared with you so they know you heard them.
  • Ask if your customer is interested in skincare or weight management specially to start conversations around Celavive or Food products.


  • Recommend more than three or four supplements for a new customer unless they specifically ask for more items. You don’t want to overwhelm a new customer with too many products to start with.
  • Ask too personal or too detailed questions. Keep your questions basic and have each question correlate to one specific product you want to recommend.
  • Ask all the questions at once. Make sure you’re having a dialogue, even if it’s just through a messaging service like Facebook or Text.
share usana

As you’re sharing this USANA opportunity, you’re going to be able to do it one-on-one. Maybe we’re not doing one-on-ones and group events right now, but you can still do zoom meeting, facetime, group events on ZOOM and online presentations. Hop on a zoom call with your group, grab your favorite drinks, play games, learn about each other, and in the first five minutes you go over just a little bit of information about the entire company, then share skincare samples with the group, go over all of the products in the Celavive line, people get educated while they are playing the games and afterwards you highlight the other products you have that really high key… you offer product specials, do raffles.. it’s an incredible way to continue to grow your home business during this Covid19 time that we’re not in front of people and everything is being operated online, so don’t shy away from online presentations and think that they’re impersonal, you just have fun, you can always invite people to join the event, use them to run your business, to grow your USANA business.

Always Follow Up

  • Follow up with your potential customers or team members to close sales and earn commission for your work
  • Always be sure to set up a follow up opportunity for the next contact
  • Keep track of your efforts using the USANA’s Customer Connect app

Once you are done with group events or once you’re done with a conversation or done with meeting with somebody, once they have placed the order, you always have to follow up, if you are not following up with your people when life takes over, you lose that opportunity, lose that connection. So you have to follow up with your potential customers, the customers you do follow up with them, asking them how things are going, how they are liking their products, how are the USANA Products impacting them.. those are the ways that you either ensure that you actually get an order, get your potential customer into an actual customer or the ways that you continue your relationship with your customers to make sure that they are on the products and using them, and you can also keep track of where you are in that process on the customer connect app.

Be a Problem Solver

You will need time to get to know your busines is about. Don’t let objects here and there discourage you from pursuing success.

Common Objections

  • No time
  • No money
  • Not a sales person
  • I don’t know anyone

How to Approach Objections

  • Expect them – acknowledge what it is that people are telling you and then just ask questions to help understand where they’re coming from and help them work through them. This can be a vehicle to help your customers in a number of different ways and just help them work to have a conversation and listen, stop talking, just listen to the needs and concerns of that person and how you can help them
  • Acknowledge the concern
  • Ask questions to better understand the objection

USANA Events

The USANA events are an amazing tool and it was so much fun. It’s so powerful to get together with our USANA family and to get educated, to hear from the scientists and they always have something to offer, like product releases and different things they’re doing at USANA’s international conventions as well as the sweet retreat opportunity. Sweet retreat is just for women to get together and support each other. Make sure that these USANA events are on your schedule, mark them on your calendar, make them happen because they’re so powerful for your business, for your community and for the belief in company, plus all the awesome trainings you will get. I highly recommend them.

Time Management

How you spend time in growing your business. Here’s how I want you to look at that time frame. If you have four hours in a week, only 10 to 20% of that time is going to be on things like this:

Not-Revenue generating

  • Sending emails
  • Designing your website
  • Organizing your office
  • Planning conference calls
  • Listening to educational podcasts
  • Attending live or virtual events
  • Team building watching training videos
  • Fine turning our skills

These tasks are considered non-revenue generating activities, they are good to do, they are not going to increase your paycheck.

Revenue Generating (80-90% of time)

  • Connecting with new people
  • Meeting current and potential customers
  • Making phone calls
  • Scheduling presentations
  • Giving presentations
  • Getting referrals
  • Bringing guest to USANA events

Invest in yourself.. Study, Practice and repeat to keep your mindset strong, to keep your business strong and do that on a regular basis.

Get started TODAY!

 Just get started. I could talk to you all day long about tips, tricks, and ideas, don’t get overwhelmed, don’t feel like you have to know everything because you’re never going to know everything, don’t feel like you have to be an expert, don’t feel like you have to be able to present like somebody else does before you can start. You heard the phrase that says you don’t have to be great to get started but you do have to start to be great. You have to start from somewhere and I guarantee you the first time that I started doing facebook lives or I started speaking on stage or I started doing presentations, I wasn’t good as I am now, I wasn’t as comfortable and confident, but you just got to start, just do it, just do the thing, make the text, make the call, do the presentation because every time you do them you’re going to get better. Take the products, tell a story, get an experience and just share, be excited about sharing something that’s important to you and that’s just the easiest way to get started and to gain confidence. Download the USANA business hub app to your phone, as well as the customer connect app, listen to the training materials… you are going to be on your way to have a successful USANA home business. Set your expectations and stick to them, honor what you said that you are going to do this for yourself.

Welcome to the USANA family and I’m so excited that you joined. Connect with me, ask me questions, I would love to help you get started on the right way. Comment below if you want to connect with me.

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