What You Need to Know about Your USANA Business

You will become a USANA Associate by signing your Associate agreement and purchasing a Welcome Kit. After that, you will activate your USANA business. To do that, you need to accumulate 200 points worth of product. This can be done from your personal purchase or via customer orders.
USANA offers you a rather easier way to activate your new business. Explore our four new product experience packs. They come with a 28-day supply of products.

How do you earn with USANA? You earn by sharing. The more you share; the greater will be your earning. In other words, your earning is directly proportional to your ability to share USANA products with others.

Your earning potential is also influenced by your team-building skills. Assemble a team of associates who share your skills of sharing USANA’s products with others and earn more.

So, how to start earning?
The simplest and easiest way is to get new customers to use USANA. Every purchase made by a personally sponsored Preferred Customer of yours will earn you 10% on the sales dollar.

Your USANA business consists of two sides: right and left. Your earning will be in the form of weekly commissions that depends on the Group Sales Volume (i.e. you get paid weekly based on the number of sales you and your team will generate on each side and where these points match- starting at 125)

USANA’s Compensation Plan
Your efforts earn you rewards. As a business associate of USANA, you get paid for successfully sharing it. Here is how you can earn income with USANA:

To start your USANA business in the easiest possible way; you begin with three stores.

Every USANA product has a point value attached to it. With every purchase, by you or your customers, points are added. These points are accumulated. The overall volume of these points is what determines your commission.
Check the price list to see the point value of different products.


Group Sales Volume is the cumulative volume of sales that you and your team earn in points. This is done on weekly basis.

What is included in it?
Associates to the royal customers, sales for personal use by the Associates, as well as sales from the Preferred Customers determine you GSV.
USANA Preferred Customers are the customers who buy products at a Preferred Price. However, they are not eligible to earn commissions.

To make your business easy, USANA offers you an auto order-monthly subscription plan. Basically, maintaining any sort of business requires you to keep your USANA store stocked. Thus, the Auto Order solves this problem by sending your products every four weeks.

Once you sign up for USANA Auto Order, you will receive a 10% discount off the Preferred Price. You will also retain your USANA business active so you can qualify for commissions.

In order to keep your stores active, you will need to make a purchase equivalent to 200 points every four weeks. Alternatively, you can utilize the points you have earned from your personally sponsored customers for keeping your stores active

You get paid on a commission basis. Now, how does that work? Basically, you earn a commission based on where the points on both sides of your Business Center match.

How to calculate it?
Find out where the points on your left side match the ones on your right (according to the Group Sales volume). Multiply this by 20% or 0.2. This total is your Commission Points of the week.

The points that you earn are then converted into your country’s currency. For instance, if you are in the United States, 1 Commission Point equals 1 Dollar.


Business Activation:

  • New Associates can activate their USANA business once they have earned 200 points worth of the product.
  • Tip for the new associates: start with Product Experience Packs- they are the best way to start.
  • These packs offer a discounted price for an initial order. They also contain approximately 28 days of the product with a value of 200 points.

USANA Preferred Customer Order Bonus

  • Start Earning Right Away with the PC Order Bonus.
  • You will earn a 10% bonus on every purchase made by a personally sponsored new Preferred Customer. The customers who enrolled on or after May 4, 2019, are eligible for this.
  • 70% of the sales volume depends on the Preferred Customer orders.
  • At this point, this is a cross-border promotion with the United States and Canada. This means that both Sponsors as well as the Preferred Customer must reside within the participating countries. However, other markets will soon be added.

USANA is generous when it comes to rewards. Not only will you get weekly commissions for recommending USANA Products and/or USANA online store to others but you will also receive other rewards. These include luxury travel incentives, exclusive training opportunities as well as other rewards.

USANA rewards its members based on their effort and growth. You don’t have to be on the top of the ladder to win a reward. Simply by staying committed, and proving that you are growing your business by living according to the USANA lifestyle, you can earn incredible opportunities and rewards.

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