Freshen Your Refreshment

During the summer months, hydration can be a problem, especially if water seems to bore your taste buds. Dazzle your H2O by adding a hint of flavor… and give your mouth the incentive to drink up.

Citrus-ize: While lemonade and fruit juices can be high in sugar, a couple squirts of fresh lemon or lime add a hint of zest without the syrupy calories. Put a fancy spin on a classic cooler by freezing lemon- or lime-infused ice cubes and dropping them in your water glass.

Tea off: It’s no secret that tea, hot or cold, can bolster health. But it’s an excuse to boost your water intake too. A steeped teabag removes dullness with an herbal touch — without adding unwanted chemicals, sugar, or fat. Try iced green tea as an invigorating beverage.

Freshen with fruit or mint: A small piece of fruit can fortify your water with nutrients and flavor. Try berries, oranges, or sliced peaches. Drop in a chunk of pineapple for tangy sweetness. Add a refreshing sophisticated edge with a slice of cucumber or a couple mint leaves.

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