Inflammation Nation

You’ve heard about the importance of keeping your cholesterol and blood pressure in check to avoid heart attack, and watching your weight and toxin exposure to lower your odds of getting cancer. But recent studies suggest that inflammation may be a leading cause of both diseases… and many more.

Alarming new statistics show that the body’s natural response to injury — pain and swelling — occurs inside just as it does outside, such as when you stub your toe or burn your hand. But when that acute healing mechanism becomes chronic, the body remains in a vicious cycle of aggravation without rejuvenation… which causes disease.

And while you can’t put a cast on your arteries or a bandage on your colon, you can reduce inflammation with simple lifestyle changes.

Beef over chicken? Most nutrition advice recommends lean poultry over red meats. But chicken contains more arachidonic acid, which triggers inflammation. And beef, especially grass-fed, has higher amounts of selenium and zinc — anti-inflammatory nutrients. Just remember that many red meats are high in saturated fat, so select lean cuts and use moderation when choosing how much and how often to eat them.

Eat ginger. Studies show that 2–4 grams of this bold spice a day can deactivate the genetic production of inflammation.

Enjoy colorful produce. Get 7 doses of blueberries, purple grapes, sweet potatoes, oranges, and cherries to increase your intake of flavonoids — inflammation-fighting antioxidants.

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