Focus on Avoiding Eye Strain

Do you spend much of your day parked in front of a computer? All of that time staring at a monitor can cause eye strain. While it’s typically a minor problem, eye strain symptoms can include dryness, itchy eyes, excessive watering, blurry vision, headaches, and neck pain.

March is Save Your Vision Month, a good time to focus on preventing computer-related eye strain:

Rest. Take a 5-minute break from the computer every hour, away from your desk. Talk over a task with a coworker, go for a short walk, or just take a little time with your eyes closed.

Hydrate your eyes. Blinking is an unconscious activity, but every once in a while do so slowly and consciously. You may also want to consider artificial teardrops.

Practice good posture. Many people tend to hunch their shoulders and lean in to the monitor. Make sure your desk is arranged so you can sit straight.

Get proper eyewear. Your doctor may recommend glasses instead of contacts when working at the computer for an extended time. You can also purchase lenses specifically designed for computer work.

Preventing eye strain can lead to more comfortable — and more productive — work days.

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