The Eyes Have It

Workplace eye injuries are on the decline due to good worker safety practices. But accidents involving common household products cause 125,000 eye injuries every year — and 90% of them are preventable, according to Prevent Blindness America.

Follow these tips to protect your peepers:

  • Use sunglasses to prevent cataracts and macular degeneration caused by the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays (select glasses that block 99%–100% of UV rays)
  • Wear safety goggles when handling hazardous solvents and cleaning agents, mowing the lawn, or using power tools
  • Cushion sharp edges around the house — such as the stove exhaust fan and cabinets
  • Keep walkways well lit and clear of obstructions to prevent falls
  • Poor diabetes control can lead to blindness, cataracts, and glaucoma — if you have diabetes, follow your healthcare provider’s instructions; if you don’t, stay physically active, make smart nutrition choices, and maintain a healthy weight.

Review the handy eye safety checklists for adults and children at Prevent Blindness America.

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