Exercising Restraint

A little indulgence is okay. But overindulgence can lead to unhealthy habits, even addictions, and threaten to overtake your personal command. Self-control, especially when it comes to what you put into your body, is a valuable tool that strengthens resolve, fosters discipline, and promotes better lifestyle choices.

Liberate yourself by mastering these tips for restraint:

Choose a smaller plate for your meals. With less space to occupy, your portions will be smaller.

Set a drink limit… and stick to it. Decide in advance how many you’ll have at any given event. If you’re drinking alcohol, select drinks that are meant to be savored. For soft drinks, avoid the straw; it tends to make you gulp down more. And drink water between other beverages.

Partition your money and your food. Whether you’re eating out or in, divide your food into separate portions. You’ll consume less, studies suggest. The same goes for your money. Instead of your debit or credit card, use cash… split into small denominations rather than a large sum. You’ll tend to be more frugal — and make it last longer.

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