Eating meat is no different from eating poisonous


Before the animal was killed because of extreme fear and great suffering, so that the body’s biochemical effects produced great variation, resulting in toxins throughout the body, the body was completely poisoned.

According to Encyclopedia Britannica records, animal toxins in the body, including uric acid and a variety of toxic secretions, hormones, waste, over in the blood and body tissues, thus making pertinent observations: “If the beef contained one hundred and net per fifty-six the water does not compare, from nuts, beans and grains in the resulting protein, obviously much more pure. “Just as our body in fear, anger or tension will get sick, like animals in extremely dangerous circumstances, the body will have a great biological mutation. When they see the same tragic slaughter, struggling to survive the extreme, the body of a variety of hormones, especially adrenaline, will abnormal secretion, after the death of a large number of hormones have to remain in the meat, then poison the food of those body tissues. Nutrition organizations have pointed out that the United States: a large number of dead animals is rich in toxic substances.


A recent study targeted at fifty thousand vegetarians, in the field of cancer research caused great shock.

The report points out: the proportion of this group of vegetarians suffering from cancer, low, very surprising. With the same age and sex of people compare various types of cancer occurred in the proportion of these people, significantly reduced. The report concludes that: “They obviously live longer.”

Recently a California Mormon on the U.S. report said: “This group in the proportion of cancer, fifty percent less than the average person.” Mormons is very little meat in their characteristics.

The following outlines a few simple and easily understood for understandable reasons:


Do you know a little more than two pounds (about 1 kg) of fried steak, contains carcinogenic substances: phenyl-purine, and 600 cigarettes contain as much as you? Experiments show that: If the fed rats phenyl purine, will have to stomach cancer and leukemia (also known as leukemia or bone cancer)!

methylcholanthrene Philippines

Heat to high fat meat will form a “methylcholanthrene Philippines”, and cooking meat is often necessary to heat to the general high temperature (heat vegetable oil over even the substance will not form). The supply of this substance to animals will suffer from cancer, even a small amount of methylcholanthrene the Philippines, will also make animals sensitive to other carcinogens, and increase their risk of cancer.

chemical additives

Another point is that we all know the “chemical additives.” Animal meat storage time is not long, it will naturally become sick gray rot. Meat in order not to make them “ugly”, so he joined in the flesh of nitrate, nitrite, or other preservatives, these things make the show fresh red meat. In recent years there have been reports that: The more things are carcinogenic. National Laboratory in Tennessee is Ouke Rui, specializing in cancer, said Dr. William Li Trask: “nitrate-containing things I do not even feed the cat.”

meat carcinogenic

British and American scientists once meat eaters and vegetarians compared intestinal microbes, and found significant differences.

Intestinal microorganisms contained in the meat-eater and play a role in digestion, the resulting chemicals are believed to cause cancer. This also explains why colorectal cancer in the meat-dominated areas such as North America, Western Europe and other places are very common, and in the vegetable-based Indian food is rare. Scots to eat more than 20 percent of British meat, was the proportion of colorectal cancer is among the best in the world.

Chemical poisons

pesticides (pesticides)

Meat is the last part of the food chain. In nature, food intake, can be used to illustrate the food chain: plants from sunlight, air, water, nutrients, etc. in order to maintain life, animals eat plants, large animals (humans) eat small animals.

Now, with the world’s most toxic agricultural chemicals (pesticides and fertilizers, growth hormone, etc.) to control pests and increase yields. The retention of these poison plants and grass eating animals. For example, farmland spraying DDT as insecticide, which is kind of strong poison, scientists believe it is sufficient to cause cancer, infertility, or severe liver disease.

DDT and similar pesticides, will be stored in the fat of animals and fish, and once stored, it is difficult to destroy. Therefore, when cattle graze or feed, regardless of what they are eating the pesticides, most of them stored in their body. So when you eat meat, you put the essence of DDT, and accumulate in the animals eat other toxic chemicals into your body. Because those who eat the last part is the food chain, humans have become so various pesticides, toxins are highly enriched in the final absorber.

Iowa State University did experiments showed that: DDT contained in meat than vegetables, fruits, grass contains the amount of at least thirteen times higher than the above. Most of the accumulation of DDT in the human body is the meat from the food.

hormones and antibiotics

Toxins in meat and not only this. In order to accelerate animal growth, obesity, and improved meat color, taste, provided the animals are often forced to eat meat a lot of chemicals. To get the maximum yield of meat in order to reap the highest profits, forced feeding animals, injection: hormones, diet drugs, antibiotics, tranquilizers, and chemical mixed feed to stimulate growth.

The New York Times has reported: “to cover up the toxic contamination, meat intake for those who are a very large potential risk. Residual pesticides, nitrates, hormones, antibiotics and other chemicals are” hidden killer. “Nineteen July 18, 2071 Most of these chemicals have been identified as carcinogens and in fact, many animals, before they were massacred, had died from these drugs. ”

When the farm was changed to animal farm, the majority of animals have never seen the sun, their lives in the narrow, depressed, cold environment, through, the final outcome is miserable death. Chicago Tribune has reported the case of high efficiency of farm: “The top layer is used to hatch eggs, and then stimulate the growth of chicks receiving: medication, forced feeding, their friends in a small roundworm Y wolf, never enjoy the fresh air when they are older, in the end on the next level of roundworm migration Friends of Y, so a layer down, the bottom layer is reached, they will be slaughtered. “This is not like natural growth process, not only to animals, destruction of biological and chemical equilibrium, but also distorted their natural habits. More unfortunately, the human cancer and fetal deformities resulting ignorance is bound to eat them due to the inevitable.

Animal diseases

Meat eaters are facing another danger is this: animals are often infected with a number of diseases, and these patients are often meat or inspector can not detect. When the animals body long a part of cancer or tumor, the sick part of the cut, the remaining part is to get the market to be sold.

Worse, some parts of a tumor made ​​of meat mixed in with “hot dog”, ham or fillings and other food. United States, a regional daily check of animal carcasses, as much twenty-five thousand cattle carcasses were suffering from cancer to get the market selling. In the experiment, scientists found that if the liver with sick animals to feed the fish, the fish will get cancer. Said: Intensive farming of animals is not a plant is healthy and normal, these words have become a reality rather than alarmist exaggeration.

Hear music lattice Dr. JH Kellog is a well-known vegetarian doctor, when he sat down to eat vegetarian dinner when he said: “In eating, do not worry about the food you eat is what the disease died, really good thing!”

Corpse poison

When the animals were killed, the body of the protein will condense and produce self-decomposition of the enzyme. Unlike plants, rigid cell wall and the circulatory system simply, corruption is very slow (the reader may be linked to a raw meat at home, and an apple or other fruits and vegetables, self-observation, will be able to understand). Soon, in meat called “corpse poison” the degeneration of the material is formed. As the dead virus will be released immediately after death, so the meat, fish, eggs and animal products have a common nature: corruption will soon break down. Animals were slaughtered, after storage, refrigeration, and then boom stole Badger converge  chou locust dumplings speed I go home, and then stored, such as cook and eat, we can imagine the dinner to what extent have perished.

As we know, the human digestive system is not suited to digest meat innate. So the meat very slowly through the gastrointestinal, approximately five days to all through the body (vegetarian as long as you can all through the day and a half), during which, by the carrion Hajime disease resulting constant contact with the material on the digestive organs, intestinal part, they eroded quickly poisoned. Raw meat, because of its perishable nature, and any chef will make it come into contact with things contaminated.

UK Public Health Bureau, at a slaughterhouse, after the outbreak of poisoning, warning housewives: “When handling raw meat, take it as unhealthy when imaging cow dung.” Toxic micro-organisms normally even after high-temperature cooking can not be eliminated. Especially when the meat is not cooked, or only slightly to barbecue, we can imagine, it must become the source of infection.

Kidney disease, gout, arthritis

Carnivore body of the load of waste, the most significant is the urea and uric acid. Per pound of meat contains about fourteen grams of uric acid. An American doctor has to be meat eaters and vegetarians urine analysis, found that: In order to discharge of nitrogen compounds, is a vegetarian meat-eater burden on the kidneys three times. As they grow older, the kidneys excessive wear and tear in advance, when they can no longer effectively function, kidney disease will follow. When the kidneys no longer able to handle meat caused by too heavy a burden, you can not rule out the uric acid is stored in the body, muscle like a sponge sucking up the water after it, it hardens to form crystals. When it stays in the joints, the gout, rheumatism, arthritis and other symptoms produced when uric acid accumulate in the nerve, it produces neuritis and sciatica. Many doctors know the truth of the disease symptoms for patients suffering from the above, without exception, not asking them to completely stop eating meat, that is, strictly limited the amount of their meat.

Excretion difficulties, constipation

Our digestive system is not suitable for meat, so meat eaters often complain excretion difficult. Meat, because very little fiber, so it is in the digestive tract to move very slowly (compared to food grains and fruits and vegetables about four times slower), so in our society, almost as common chronic constipation distress.

Many of the latest research report, to promote the normal excretion of fiber, only from plant foods in the right to be. In contrast with the meat, vegetables, grains and fruits retain more moisture and easily through the digestive tract. Vegetables have a lot of natural fibers, and this material is sufficient to effectively prevent appendicitis, colitis, heart disease and obesity.

Hypertension, heart disease

Vegetarian most powerful argument that the relationship between meat and heart disease. In the United States (the world’s largest meat consumption in the country), each one for every two people died of cardiovascular disease, and these diseases in meat consumption in countries with low incidence rate was low. The U.S. government therefore set up a “cause of heart disease research committee” to study the life can stop this disease guidelines.

The committee’s report concluded that: to maintain appropriate blood cholesterol, saturated fats from people (animal food) intake of calories, total calories should be less than ten percent. Report a very interesting suggestion is: eat less meat, egg yolk and lard, butter, suet and other animal fats. Report further recommended that: to eat sparingly, must eat foods rich in saturated fat, cholesterol-rich foods should be on strict control, including animal organs like liver, eggs, seafood and shellfish.

“American Medical Association,” Bulletin had reported in 1961: “vegetarian at least ninety to ninety-seven% prevention of heart disease.”

In the end what is the meat of the circulatory system caused so much harm?

Animal fat in meat, such as cholesterol, the body can not be completely decomposed, the fat attached to meat-eaters of the vessel wall. Because over time, blood vessels become more narrow, through the blood volume will be less and less. This dangerous situation is called heart attack. It makes the heart a great burden to bear, forcing it to be very hard to obstruction of blood vessels into the tight, high blood pressure, hyperemia, palpitations and other problems would have emerged.

Harvard scientists recently found that vegetarians generally have blood pressure lower than non-vegetarians, in the Korean War period, the average age of two hundred twenty-two bodies of American soldiers received the check, about 80 percent of people, due to the blocking of meat waste, and showed the phenomenon of atherosclerosis, the same age, but no such phenomenon Korean soldier (basically plant-based diets were mainly Korean).

Now we know that the human killer: cardiovascular disease, is already quite popular. There are a growing number of doctors (such as the American Heart Association) strictly limit their intake of meat patients even require patients to completely do not eat meat. Scientists now realize that: the rough fiber vegetarian diet can actually lower cholesterol. California Loma Linda University Nutrition Department, Dr. St. Regis Manchester Dr. UD Register confirmed by experiment: even eat a lot of butter, and beans can still make the material contained in cholesterol reduction, which are vegetarians healthier than meat-eaters Another important reason.

Touching on

Carnivore must face the fact that:

animal was slaughtered, the extreme fear, pain, anger, struggle, the role of its rapid in vivo biochemical abnormalities, which poisoned their bodies, further poisoning the meat’s body tissues.

fried meat cooked barbecue process, will produce a variety of strong carcinogens.

the chemical additives in meat (nitrates, etc.) and meat by intestinal microbial variation, is an important reason for cancer.

meat in pesticides, insecticides and other toxic substances in artificial chemical residues higher than the fruits and vegetables at least thirteen times.

meat containing antibiotics, hormones, tranquilizers such as a large number of biochemical disease-causing toxins.

animals themselves suffering from various diseases (not including the unknown human disease), infectious diseases.

dead animal carcasses corruption of the drug causes poisoning of consumers.

meat is rich in lactic acid, uric acid and other metabolites, kidney disease, gout, rheumatism, arthritis and other diseases of the main reason.
due to lack of fiber and meat difficulties caused by excretion, constipation, digestive organs indirectly by increasing the degree of toxins.

animal fat accumulation, resulting in heart, vascular disease, and high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, thrombosis.

Outlined above, is sufficient proof of: meat are harmful to beneficial, foolish craving the taste and self-serving its toxicity. Do “detrimental to resist outside wise” or do “lack of willpower, strength of its own fool,” at his own choice.

Here, we would like to be the world’s latest research and clinical reports and the disaster that the y account the fact that your side to be listed, let medicine tell you: meat, with their own health and life to pay the cost of the most expensive consumer behavior !

After you read these valuable health information, you can calmly eating habits on their own to do a comprehensive review, a rational judge it? Have you found a program of prevention medicine, injection, see a doctor, money, running in between the hospitals, so that mental and physical suffering much variety, dietary strategy to torture it?

United States Senate, “the Special Committee on Nutrition,” to make this sensational American report, in the United States has caused near panic in the whole country the great state of shock!

The study, based on presidential candidate Maike Jia Wen as chairman, and to “the U.S. National Cancer Institute”, “Heart Lung Vascular Institute”, “National Institute of Nutrition,” “Health and Welfare Ministry,” “Agriculture” and other units of the experts, doctors and research-centered, meeting the British Royal Society of Medicine survey, the Nordic countries two joint meetings with the assistance of medical investigation, to a worldwide scale to investigate the relationship between diet and disease of life, and made ​​the history of mankind The most extensive report on a healthy diet, the report up to over five thousand pages.

This authoritative report and the conclusion is:

1 well-developed, advanced countries and regions, eating the wrong way (too much meat).

2 cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, disease is largely due to poor diet.

3 adult patients with chronic diseases (diseases of civilization), simply can not rely on medical or surgical treatment.

4 crime, domestic violence, school violence, partly due to the deviation caused by diet.

5 All of the adult disease, can rely on diet to improve access to treatment and recovery.

6 It is noteworthy facts: eat more vegetables, fruits, grain-based diet were herbivorous, and healthy meat-based diet than in those who have too much good.

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