Energy Fatigue And Simple Sugar D-Ribose

As I’ve gotten older, I have encountered a great deal of lack of energy and fatigue issues. It seems that many people once they reach the age of 50 encounter this dilemma and seem to be at a loss as to what to do about it. Haven’t you noticed when you watch someone in their 70s or 80s they seem to walk at a much slower pace. A much more deliberate almost “stiff” pace. It’s as if they are gummed up somehow in their joints and can’t seem to move as freely as they once did in their early twenties. And of course you have all these reports of people experiencing a severe lack of energy as they get older where their motivation for life just seems to dry up and go away.

For me this lack of energy hit me significantly in my early 50s. I would be working in home and have an overwhelming desire to just go to sleep versus performing the task at hand. Having to fight through the fatigue to finish the job was a daily occurrence that seemed to plague me day after day. As a matter of fact this requirement of sleep after getting home from work was a necessity for me to have enough energy even to eat my dinner. To say this was frustrating was an understatement. Especially since I am such a fitness focused kind of person. Certainly there had to be a solution. After careful and diligent time and effort on my part I found it … the solution to my “fatigue” issues.

Of course I tried all the normal expectations of what people would think to do in trying to fight this fatigue problem. I made sure I got 8 hours of sleep. I took my vitamins. I dim the lights and try to stay away from blue light prior to bed. I ate a very healthy meal plan each day. Etc. Nothing seemed to work as fatigue just seemed to be part of my daily dilemma of encountering life. Something to be navigated around and to cope with.

I was not happy with that. Below are the five supplements that I utilize in doing away with this fatigue problem. I credit the following five supplements to this miraculous turnaround in regards to fatigue.


Probably the biggest complaint older folks have is the lack of energy as we age. We don’t seem to have the “get up and go” like we used to. Quite a few of us have constant feelings of drowsiness or sleepiness resulting in the desire to take naps mid-afternoon. I stumbled across a YouTube video where this doctor is lecturing a group of physicians on the use of a simple sugar, that the body manufactures, called d-ribose. During the course of his lecture he stated that the use of this simple sugar alleviated the fatigue for people with “chronic fatigue” in approximately 60% of all the people in his study. Being impressed with those results I quickly went online to find what research would back this and found quite a bit.

I went to a local vitamin store and purchased a small container of d-ribose. I started to take the recommended dosage of 5 mg in a small glass of water three times per day. Needless to say after about the third or fourth day my feelings of fatigue were no longer present. Seriously! The overwhelming need to take a nap in the afternoons while working was no longer there! Do I think the ribose was the sole reason for this? Yes and no. I was also taking other vitamins and supplements that I bought from USANA Store and I believe worked in unison with the d-ribose to help produce the increased energy levels I was feeling.

The dosage I take currently I don’t measure in milligrams, although each d-ribose container comes with a 5 mg little scoop. Now I just go with a heaping teaspoon mixed into fresh cold green tea or cup of hot coffee. I anticipate this heaping teaspoon to be approximately 10 to 12 mg. I ingest this ribose drink approximately three times per day and I feel really great with the energy levels. For me the d-ribose has been a game changer along with one other supplement I will get into later.

If you are feeling tire and physically drained every day I would highly recommend exploring d-ribose. It is a simple sugar that the body manufactures itself and can be easily found for purchase on local or online vitamin store. In addition to this, also try a variety of vitamins and supplements, I would recommend USAN multi-vitamins and Nutritional Supplements. You can also enroll as USANA Preferred Customer to save up to 20% off retail price.

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