Ask the Dietitian

I don’t like citrus fruits, but I want to reap the immune-boosting benefits of vitamin C. What other foods are high in vitamin C?

Though citrus fruits are often touted as a good source of vitamin C in the US, they’re actually not the highest source. For example, take fruits such as kiwis and papayas – each contains more vitamin C than a single orange! And don’t forget about vegetables – check out the high vitamin C count in kale, broccoli, cauliflower and bell peppers. Other vegetables, such as Brussels sprouts, potatoes, mustard greens, peas and cabbage are also very good sources of vitamin C. Just remember to keep cook times for veggies to the minimum needed, as some nutrients, vitamin C included can break down when boiled or baked.

How are eggs enriched with DHA and are they as good a source as fish?

Chickens have the potent ability to convert ALA, the omega-3 fatty acid found in flaxseeds, into DHA, the omega-3 fatty acid that provides the greatest health benefits for us. So, the key to producing eggs with high levels of DHA is to feed hens a diet high in flaxseed. Eggs from flax-fed hens contain DHA amounts comparable to those found in fish. In fact, some brands of DHA-enriched eggs contain equivalent or higher amounts of DHA in two eggs compared with the amount found in one ounce of salmon. TIP: Make sure to eat the yolk, as that is where the DHA is found.

Modest number of prunes you’d have to eat each day to reduce your risk of bone fractures and osteoporosis. Not a bad deal, especially since these ailments are increasingly common concerns as we age. Over the course of a year, researchers at Florida State and Oklahoma State universities tested 55 postmenopausal women who ate dried plums each day and a similar control group of 45 postmenopausal women who ate dried apples each day. The prune-eaters ended up with much higher bone mineral density, most likely because of the way dried plums slow down the breakdown rate of bone. Try them in muffins, cakes, bread, cookies or simply out of hand as a bone-strengthening snack.

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