3 Steps to WINTER Recovery

It’s a refrigerator out there! The balmy days of summer are a distant memory as you step outside your door and face a cold blast of wintry air that chills you to the bone. Before you step out into the cold, there are three other steps you should take to recover from the onslaught of attacks on your immune system.


The rest you get form relaxing and sleeping is essential for staying well. If you are battling a cold or the flu, getting enough rest gives your immune system a helping hand in getting you back on our feet to healthily brave the cold.

Research on sleep, which largely remains a mystery of the human condition, shows that while you are sleeping, your body goes into improvement mode: repairing and regenerating tissue, building muscle and bone, and strengthening your immune system.


Your body finds the material it requires to repair itself in the nutrients that you supply on a daily basis. This is why it is vital to repair your body with only the finest building materials. USANA Vitamins such as USANA Essentials and USANA Healthpak are just that.

When you supplement your diet with nutrient-rich greens, essential fatty acids, and cleansing fiber, you give your body the material it needs to repair damage from inflammation, oxidative stress, and immune dysfunction, all three of which tend to increase during the winter months.


Whether you are recovering from an illness or a hard day, your body can restore itself to a healthy state. You can be a positive part of the restoration by taking additional USANA products to rest, repair, and restore.

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