Diabetic Fiber Update

Diabetes can be a debilitating disease. Yet doctors now say there is continuing research that suggests type 2 diabetes can be managed, even controlled, through proper exercise and diet.

As a successful businessman, David always thought he could handle anything — until he was diagnosed with type 2, non-insulin dependent diabetes. “I felt, frankly, that being diagnosed with diabetes was not only a death sentence, if you would, but is something that is uncontrollable,” he says.

David now feels like he has a new lease on life due to a recent study that found that 50 grams of fiber a day can prevent complications such as eye and nerve damage, kidney disease, heart attack, and stroke. Fifty grams of fiber is equivalent to 12 cups of raw broccoli.

Dr. Peterson says, “No one wants to have diabetes, but it’s actually now somewhat easier to control and manage. It doesn’t have to take control of you.”

Peterson explains that fiber slows down the rate of digestion, causing glucose to leave the intestine and enter the bloodstream more slowly. Besides fruits, vegetables and cereals, there are other easy ways to boost fiber intake.

“Even in between meals, if you’re snacking, focus on things like fruit, whole grain crackers, popcorn. Another good source of fiber would be a soup with a lot of vegetables and beans,” says Peterson.

Diabetics have always known fiber is a good way to control blood sugar. Results of this latest study allow David to lead a healthier, more-informed lifestyle.

David says, “If I can have fruits and veggies and beans — things that I enjoy anyway, especially with all the other things it prevents, it’ll help me control my cholesterol level. For me, really, it’s a gift.”

The Recommended Daily Allowance of fiber for healthy individuals is about 20 grams a day as opposed to the now recommended 50 grams for type 2 diabetics.

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