Some reasons for highs and lows of blood glucose reading

The occasional high or low blood glucose reading doesn’t indicate that you diabetes is out of control (although treating a low blood glucose as soon as possible will prevent it from dropping lower). However, if you notice a pattern to your highs and lows, finding out why they are happening can help you take corrective action. The following is a list of possible reasons.

High readings

• Having more food than usual or a different type of food. (A specific food may be the cause if it is associated with high readings on several different occasions).
• Illness and stress can cause a high blood glucose reading because of the effect of the hormones released at these times.
• Forgetting to take your pills or your insulin or taking a dose that is too low for you.
• Putting on weight
• Having a hypoglycemic attack earlier in the day, which you treated with glucose.

Low readings

• Having less food than usual, or taking your insulin or pills and then being unable to eat when you had planned.
• Stress can make your blood glucose level fall if you respond to it by using up more energy or eating less than usual.
• Taking an extra dose of pills, injecting more insulin than you need, or being on too high a dose of pills or insulin.
• Losing weight
• Drinking a lot of alcohol without eating carbohydrate – containing food at the same time or reducing your medication.

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