Dealing With Disappointment

Most would agree with the lyrics to The Rolling Stones’s I Can’t Get No Satisfaction — disappointment can be difficult. It can affect your personal and professional life — whether it’s a vacation ruined by rain, a forgotten anniversary, a failed exam, or being passed over for a promotion. But how you deal with it is what matters. Suppressing anger poses health risks such as anxiety, depression, and relationship disruptions, so learn to deal with your disappointment:

Acknowledge your feelings: You’re allowed to feel disappointment. Don’t worry if others think you shouldn’t.

Believe everything happens for a reason: It’s a phrase we sometimes hate hearing, but it’s usually true.

Form an action plan: Examine what caused the disappointment and explore ways to avoid repeated frustrations.

Don’t let negativity take over: There are positives in every situation. Lessons can be learned and resolve can be strengthened.

Move on: Realize disappointment is a part of life — satisfaction is never guaranteed.

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