Choose Your Child’s Gender

For centuries, men and women have tried all sorts of crazy approaches to influence the gender of their babies. In some cultures, a man would bite his partner’s right ear if he wanted a son. Certain foods and positions have also been recommended. While nothing has been scientifically proven, one mom says she’s figured out the secret.

Theresa Hebert always planned on having two boys and a girl and that’s exactly what she had. “You don’t have to stand on your head while eating a bunch of bananas wearing pink socks to have a girl. You can if it happens to be your preference, but I’m letting people know timing is everything”.

She says giving birth to a boy or a girl doesn’t have to happen by chance if you pinpoint the day of ovulation. “If you have relations right on that day, your chances of having a baby boy are increased. If you have relations a full two to three days prior and then cease having relations, your chances of having a baby girl are increased.”

As Hebert writes in “Special Deliveries,” the environment of a woman’s uterus dictates which sperm, male or female, reaches the egg first. Prior to ovulation when the uterus is acidic, she says female sperm do better. But on the day of ovulation when it becomes more alkaline, male sperm lead the pack.

Lucy and George wanted a baby boy. So they tried Hebert’s technique and Derek was born. Lucy says, “We just figured, we’ll just give it a shot. If it works out that we do have a little boy, great. And if it’s a little girl, great, too.”

Obstetrician Maureen is skeptical. She says, “The book may have some merit to it. We don’t know. There are other techniques and theories out there and they may have some good points to them, too. Just be careful with not making this too scientific, making it too clinical.”

To pinpoint the exact day of ovulation, Hebert advises women use a home ovulation test kit. She also counsels couples on her method carefully, but assures them they’ll be thrilled with whatever the outcome.

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