A Better Body Is Coming …

There’s a new sheriff in town, and she’s whipping these parts into shape. Celebrity trainer Kathy Kaehler made waves when she announced her partnership with USANA Health Sciences. Now she’s helping people everywhere—Associates and non-Associates alike—get into shape for summer so they’ll make waves anywhere they go.

Kathy Kaehler’s Summer Slimdown is a 12-week program designed to help you achieve your weight-loss goals and find a healthier you. Imagine having the body you’ve always wanted…With Kathy’s fitness tips and a healthy diet including low-glycemic snacks from our line of USANA® Foods, you’ll be on the path to true health.

The challenge begins March 8, so be sure to stock up on all your favorite USANA Foods before then. The shopping cart has everything you need to make the next 12 weeks a success: Nutrimeal™, SoyaMax™, Nutrition Bars, and Fibergy®, as well as BlenderBottles® and pedometers. Save money by purchasing the 5-Day RESET™ Kit, and take advantage of specials in the shopping cart.

Speaking of specials, here’s one just for you—for a limited time only, when you buy two Chocolate Whey Nutrimeals™, we’ll send you a third one free! It’s the perfect meal replacement for those allergic to soy, and it’s also gluten-free†. Plus, these tempting shakes have the great, creamy flavor you love. Add some to your shopping cart today!

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