Which Source Is More Effective To Support Your Daily Energy Level?

Our body sends messages to us that it is low on energy. These messages could be in the form of a yawn or an eyelid droop but we don’t pay heed to them. We keep pushing ourselves through the day without listening to our bodies ticking off one task after another. However, this is not the right practice. Our bodies need a constant supply of energy and that too an effective one.

Many questions must be arising in your reminder; like which is the best energy source? What food sources or supplements give you the right energy boost? What energy sources will prepare you for the busy days of life where you don’t have time to take care of your health? The best part is these questions have science-based answers. There are plenty of options of energy sources available to choose from. In this article, you will find every detail that there exists on energy sources so you can pick what best suits you.

Here is the list of energy sources that this article covers:

1- Plant Sources – Guarana & Ginseng

2- Amino Acids – Taurine & I-carnitine

3- Caffeine Sources – Coffee, Green Tea, Black Tea & Energy drinks

The right energy sources improve your energy sources and you will be able to do all the tasks without low on energy ever!

What is Energy and Why it is Important to Keep yourself Energized?

In simplest terms, energy is the ability to work. The power upon which our bodies work is called energy and like every other power source it needs a continuous supply as well. The foremost and primary source of getting energy is food which is converted into energy by our bodies.

The basic unit of energy is calories. The energy in our body is entirely dependent upon our calorie intake. The food is first digested and then converted into energy by the powerhouses in all of our body cells known as ATP. The process of converting calories into energy is quite detailed and at the same time a very interesting phenomenon.

Our bodies depend entirely on energy to perform physical tasks as well as cellular tasks. In addition to energy there are two other things that have profound importance in the proper functioning of our body:

A- Sleep

B- Balanced Diet

Without these two, you cannot function properly and may fall prone to several diseases. Being the two solid cornerstones of a healthy body. But in the fast life of today sometimes we find it really difficult to keep our dietary intake on point. Many of us do not have time to do meal preps or we follow certain lifestyles due to which we cannot take proper meals. That’s where energy drinks come in. not only do they give you an energy booster but also keep you focused and alert; both mentally and physically. Your productivity increases and you perform your tasks more efficiently than ever.

Popular Energy Drinks:

From herbal to commercial, we have tried many energy drinks and have been able to list quite a few that actually work and have no as such side effects. Let’s get to know about some popular energy drinks, how they work and what effect do they have on our bodies:

1- Ginseng – Get the Job Done

Ginseng is not something new and is found all over the world with a variety of species. It has been part of Chinese medicine since ancient times where it had been used to treat various diseases and of course as an energy booster. There is a compound known as Ginsenoside (a plant steroid) found in all species of Ginseng which is responsible for the energy-boosting capacity.

There has been extensive research on the benefits of ginseng. Here is what happens if you regularly take Ginseng:

  • Your mood gets elevated.
  • You get a long lasting energy booster.
  • Provides antioxidants that keep preventing diseases.
  • You get a boost in cellular energy production.

How Ginseng Works?

Geiseng hypes up certain chemicals in the brain that are responsible for energy boosting, improving focus, and alertness. The compounds in Ginseng improve aerobic energy production in the body. Moreover, studies have proved that ginseng improves physical performance and also reduces fatigue. There is room for more studies to find out the amazing benefits of this ancient herbal medicine. In order to get the best out of this amazing natural energy booster, try cycling ginseng as studies have shown this method yields more effective and better results.

Is it Safe?

The best part is you can use ginseng without any worry or fear. It is totally safe to use and has no side effects. But you must consult your doctor or physician in order to rule out any drug interactions.

2- Taurine – Taming Tiredness

Taurine is not an energy supplement in fact it is an amino acid. Unlike other amino acids, taurine is a special one all thanks to its amazing properties. It is categorized as a “nonessential” amino acid as it can be made by the body in various organs like the eyes, brain, heart, and blood platelets.

The popular external sources for this much-needed amino acid are fish and meat but recently it has been made part of energy drinks because of its energy-boosting capacities.

How Taurine Works?

Taurine plays a huge role in energy metabolism including hydration and electrolyte balance at a cellular level. It has nature just like antioxidants and hence also prevents certain diseases. Taurine works even better when it is mixed with other energy-boosting compounds like caffeine and B vitamins hence the reason it is part of almost every energy-boosting drink. Its role as an energy booster has been proved by studies as well.

Is it Safe?

Taurine alone as well added to drinks is totally safe to use and has no side effects. It is recommended to take it in a combined form with other compounds.

3- B Vitamins

There are a total of 13 vitamins known as vitamin B complex. Each one of these vitamins is essential for the proper functioning of the body. If one or more B vitamins falls deficient you will feel a certain drop in the energy levels and experience signs of fatigue. Overall they have proven effects of maintaining good health and improving immunity.

4- Guarana

Many of us may be getting to know of guarana for the first time but its history goes back to the tribes of Amazon. Over the centuries, the seeds of these wonderful Amazonian climbing plants have been used therapeutically. They contain a huge amount of caffeine more than coffee. Research has shown that guarana seeds contain up to 4 – 6 times more caffeine as compared to coffee beans. Quite a kick, isn’t it?

Guarana does not contain caffeine only; in fact, it comes packed with many other health-beneficial compounds like theophylline and theobromine which add more brownie points to its energy-boosting properties.

Guarana has a similar antioxidant profile to green tea as it is rich in catechin which happens to be the potent compound found in green tea. This plant phenol is what establishes a link between both energy-boosting compounds – Guarna and Green Tea

How does Guarana Work?

Guarana contains a combination of energy-boosting compounds. The effectiveness of it has been proved greatly by research. However, there is a need for more research to study the effectiveness of guarana in energy-boosting.

Is it Safe?

Research done to test the positivity of Guarna has shown positive results. Some reports of toxicity have been found but that’s too low for any consequence. There are no possible side effects but because of its high caffeine content, pregnant women, children, and adolescents must consume it carefully. It is always advised to consult a doctor before using.

4- L-Carnitine:

A derivative of amino acid lysine, it was isolated from meat. It has shown benefits in both energy boosting as well as muscle building however it is known more as an energy booster.

How does L-Carnitine work?

One of the most important and main functions of this energy-boosting compound is to drive fatty acids into the powerhouses of cells. Upon consuming fats, they do not reach the cells in the body on their own. In fact, they need a driving force and that force is L-carnitine. Fats being the major macronutrient store energy and in order for your cells to store the energy you need L-carnitine.

Is it Safe?

Researches done on the effectiveness have shown positive results. A study has shown that upon using L-carnitine for 30 days, there was seen a significant improvement in fatigue- both mental and physical. It is totally safe to use however over-dosing has shown to result in some gastrointestinal issues.

5- Caffeine – The King of all Energy Sources

There is nothing you don’t know about caffeine. It is the most popular energy drink around the world and is being consumed by people of all age groups. A natural way to beat fatigue and tiredness, caffeine is found in several food products including coffee, tea, green tea, etc.

How does it Work?

Caffeine hypes up naturally stimulating chemicals in the body and boosts up your body’s metabolism. It also amps up the functioning of your central nervous system. Here is how it works:

Caffeine works as an adenosine blocker hence known as an adenosine receptor antagonist. Adenosine when clicked with its usual receptors helps the body to relax. However, caffeine does the opposite. It gets locked up with receptor cells on adenosine and keeps you alert and energized while boosting your central nervous system.

Is it Safe?

Caffeine is totally safe to use however people with caffeine sensitivity need to keep an eye on their intake. An overdose of caffeine can make you over-anxious and shaky. So pregnant women, adolescents, and children must limit the intake to a safe level.

Here is the amount of caffeine different caffeinated drinks contain:

Brewed Coffee: 85 – 165 mg / 8 oz

Black Tea: 25 – 48 mg / 8oz

Green Tea: 25 – 29mg / 8oz

Final Verdict:

Now that you are familiar with the range of energy-boosting options, it is easy for you to make your choice. Pick what suits you and always keep your energy levels on point.

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