Weight Loss Secrets: Cut Back Calories

At any given time, almost half of the women in the U.S. are on a diet. Americans dish our more than $40 billion each year on diet and diet-related products. Yet 95 percent of diets fail. While there’s no magic bullet for losing weight, there are a few ways to keep your calorie count in check to help you shed those extra pounds.

Want to kick start your weight loss? Here are a few tricks to cut back calories. The first is by sitting while you eat. A University of Toronto study found those who do so take in 200 fewer calories at their next meal than those who eat standing up.

The second way to cut calories is by grocery shopping online. A University of Connecticut study found dieters who do so cut the number of fatty foods in their home by 38 percent. Researchers say it could be because they’re less tempted to make impulse purchases, like after smelling the bakery aisle.

You can also curb your hunger with a workout. British researchers found 60 minutes on the treadmill increases the hormone PYP, which suppresses appetite. Lifting weights for 90 minutes didn’t cause the hormone to change at all.

Yoga may also help people eat mindfully, and stop eating when they’re full. After eight weeks of yoga, the average person loses six pounds. Keeping your nutrition goals on track.

Another way to suppress your appetite is by chewing sugarless gum. One study found those who chew sugarless gum in the morning reduce their calorie intake by 68 calories at lunch. Despite the less calories, participants didn’t feel hungrier or eat extra calories later in the day.

Source: Ivanhoe News

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