Walk and Learn

Though burying your nose in a book is a pedestrian no-no, your inner bookworm can still enjoy a good read while you walk. Listen up to these page-turning ideas:

Book downloads. Thanks to digital technology, you can immerse yourself in narrations of classics, biographies, or spiritual and self-help writings with a click of your MP3 player. Audio book sites like www.audible.com and www.learnoutloud.com allow you to download book files, and offer a wide selection of titles.

Language lessons. Sprechen Sie Deutsch? You can… even as you hike throughout your neighborhood. Whether you just want to dabble in linguistics or shoot for total fluency, all you need are the right teaching tool and your iPod™. Some foreign language programs offer applications you can install on your phone to use when you’re on the go.

Nature talk. Consider importing audio tutorials about birds or flower species native to your area. Venture through a riparian preserve to enjoy an interactive exploration of the plant and animal life you hear about through your headphones.

Radio resources. Don’t forget about news transmitted through the airwaves. Tune your dial to a favorite station and catch up on current events. Many stations even offer self-help shows on everything from money management to home improvement tips.

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