Take Vitamin D3 Supplements

Determining the vitamins and minerals that you need to take all depends on your diet and your won particular deficiencies. However, regardless of your diet there is one vitamin that is essential for anyone who does not live in a climate that has sun year-round or how works indoor most of the time: vitamin D3.

Despite the name, vitamin D3 is actually not a vitamin; it is a hormone. Research into vitamin D3 tells us that it is much more essential tour health than we ever realized.

Studies have shown that people who are more likely to get depressed have lower levels of vitamin D3 and also that a lack of vitamin D3 can increase the chances of getting a more serious illness, including cancer. Unfortunately, most people are deficient in this essential hormone.

Here are three ways that you can get natural (not synthetic) D3:

1. Make sure you have sufficient exposure to the sun. The optimum is to get fifteen to twenty minutes a day on 40 percent of your body, with no sunscreen! This may not be possible year-round depending on where you live. And, of course you need to be careful about skin cancer, but if you avoid the sun altogether, you can’t benefit from a vital source of nutrition in the sun’s rays. You don’t want to overexpose yourself to the sun, but you do need it, so find a balance.
2. Take vitamin D3 supplements. Many scientists and experts recommend that you take a vitamin D3 supplement each day. Depending on your age and current vitamin D3 levels, you may want to supplement with 1000 to 4000 IUs daily. Speak to a specialist about the right dose for you.
3. Eat foods rich in vitamin D3. Even though vitamin D3 is nto readily available in most foods, there are a few excellent sources. These include fatty fish, such as wild salmon, tuna and sardines, mushrooms and eggs.

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