Vertigo Treatment

Have you ever felt unsteady and lightheaded for no apparent reason? You could be experiencing vertigo. It’s a common disorder affecting 20-percent of the population. Researchers have come up with some simple exercises to cure the dizziness.

Carla suffers vertigo:
“Usually what will happen is that everything will start swirling and swirling and a lot of times unless I have somebody there I just fall down.”

Carla suffers from chronic vertigo, or dizzy spells that strike without warning. It’s often caused by an inner ear disorder. For Carla and millions of other vertigo sufferers, relief is in sight. According to researchers at Baylor College of Medicine, a few simple head exercises can cure the dizziness. The idea is to move so fast, you make yourself dizzy. Researchers say the exercises work by tricking the brain into thinking the dizziness is normal and to just ignore it.

The treatment alleviates the vertigo and in doing so makes it possible for them to go back to driving their car, taking care of the kids, getting dressed, doing all the little routine activities of daily living.

The home exercise program should be done daily . Researchers say patients can see results within a month. The program has put Carla back on her feet.

“The other day it started to happen, and I started doing the exercises as soon as I felt it coming and it stopped. I wish that I’d found them a lot sooner.”

Head trauma, viral infections or even high doses of certain antibiotics can trigger a bout of vertigo.

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