USANA’s Get Up + Go Bundle

USANA Get Up + Go Bundle is gymnasts, athletes, fitness enthusiasts and sportsmen prioritized pick from around the globe. Run, jump, and utilize your bone and muscle strength at its best by supplementing your bone and joints with vital nutrients.

USANA’s premium Get Up + Go Bundle is a trio of three USANA’s superior supplements for a comprehensive joint, bone, and cardiovascular support. Assist your body to complement your upbeat lifestyle with the trio of MagneCalD, BioOmega, and Procosa.

Get Up + Go Bundle offers the triple benefits of following supplements:

  • Procosa: Maintain and sustain the health of your joints with our vegan manganese, glucosamine, and Meriva® bioavailable curcumin that’s a part of our InCelligence Joint-Support Complex.
  • BiOmega: Boost cardiovascular and immune health along with joint health support at cellular level with this DHA and EPA-rich omega-3 fatty acid supplement
  • MagneCalD: Strengthen your bones with this mineral-rich, bone-healthy supplement that also helps with nerve and muscle functions. Contains a balanced ratio of magnesium, calcium, and vitamin D to help with energy metabolism.