USANA® Probiotic

Unbeatable gut and immune health are thresholds of healthy mind and body!

USANA® Probiotic is our hot-selling natural supplement that brings balance to your upset or stressed stomach environment. Not only does it survive the harsh gut ambiance but also supports gastrointestinal health and immune functions.

USANA® Probiotic is one of our superior quality supplements from our Protect + Maintain Bundle that promotes vitality and overall wellness.

Gut is popularly called the second brain and our USANA® Probiotic is an amazing on-the-go stick pack that benefits you tremendously:

  • Promotes healthy digestion (even during times of mental stress)
  • Contains around 12 billion colony-forming, gut-friendly bacteria in each dosage
  • Introduces active bacterial cultures to balance your gut bacteria
  • Prevents stomach ulcers and multiple other gut issues
  • Boosts and supports body’s natural immune functions

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