USANA Sense product

Beautinutrients (InnerHealth) were originally designed as a bridge from the USANA Sense product line to the USANA Nutritionals and Dr. Wentz’ nutritional philosophy. This product played the supplement role of USANA Sense’s “inner and outer nutrition” story. However, USANA discontinued this product in May of 2003 for two important reasons:

USANA wanted to align the Sense brand more closely to USANA and promote USANA flagship product, the USANA Essentials, as the “inner” component. Further, many USANA Associates expressed confusion about how to promote Beautinutrients vs. the USANA Nutritionals.

“Inner and outer nutrition” continue to be the core Sense message, but the “inner” portion focuses on USANA Nutritionals in accordance with Dr. Wentz’ statement below:

“Sense was developed with the knowledge that skin is healthiest and looks its best when all cells in the skin’s layers are properly nourished and hydrated. The skin, however, also reflects the state of health of the body. Therefore, true health and beauty require a synergy of internal and external nutrition, as well as protection from oxidative damage. The marriage of Sense and USANA Nutritionals, especially the Essentials and the polyunsaturated fatty acids in OptOmega or BiOmega, are my personal recommendations for those who want to achieve the most dramatic results.”

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