USANA Pure Rest™

Very effective and quick in action, sugar free supplement containing melatonin!

Whether you are insomniac, are suffering from major depression or have difficulty falling asleep, this melatonin supplement boosts your body’s natural waking and sleep cycles. A sound sleep at night promotes the health of your immune system and supports the antioxidant resistance. Pure Rest™ by USANA is an advanced formula that helps you relax and sleep with its fast-acting, utterly pure capsules. Moreover, the advanced Pure Rest™ formula is non-addicting and very effective because it uses melatonin to induce sleep.

The beneficial effects of USANA Pure Rest™ include:

  • Contains all-natural melatonin, a naturally-occurring hormone synthesized within the brain to regulate normal wake and sleep cycles.
  • Completely dissolvable, sugar-free with a palpable orange flavoured tablet
  • Contains zero animal ingredients