USANA Probiotic Duo

This two-in-one USANA Probiotic food supplement is a duo for boosting immune and digestive health.

The USANA Probiotic Duo Bundle contains two boxes of probiotics for improving immune functions and gut health. Consume this careful blend of selective probiotic bacteria that survive gut’s harsh environment especially when you suffer from digestive issues. The probiotics duo is a perfect pack to create a balanced environment in the belly.

Arrives with a stick pack that lets to add it your favorite shakes and smoothies that you can take on the go.

USANA Probiotic Duo is beneficial in multiple ways:

  • Promotes healthy and balanced gut environment
  • Prevents digestive issue and helps to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Contains selective probiotic bacteria (about 12 billion colony-forming bacteria) that can survive harsh/acidic stomach environment
  • Boosts body’s natural immunity
  • Brings active and live bacterial cultures