USANA Optimizer – Vitamin D

It started off as a seasonal product to help get you through the dark winter months. But now that the summer sunshine is just around the corner, how often are you actually going to see it? If you’re like most people, not often—especially if you work in an office or never leave the house without covering yourself in sunscreen (a good idea, actually). That’s why USANA is adding our incredible Vitamin D supplement as a permanent part of our Optimizers line.

USANA’s Vitamin D supplement is the perfect complement to the Essentials, even during the summer. And if you stay indoors close to the air conditioner all season, USANA’s Vitamin D will give you 2,000 IU of maximum strength vitamin D to ensure that you get what you need in just one little tablet.

Vitamin D is important for many aspects of your health:

  • Necessary for normal bone mineralization and growth
  • Important for the maintenance of muscle strength and coordination
  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • Promotes robust and balanced immune function

While the winter months may be behind us now, it doesn’t mean that your body needs less of a good thing, particularly if your lifestyle keeps you indoors during much of the spring and summer. So make sure to stock up today on USANA’s Vitamins D supplement and make extra vitamin D a part of your regimen, every day for life!

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