USANA Children’s Complete Duo

Children’s Complete Duo is a package of BiOmega™ Jr. and Usanimals® on a budget.

Feel satisfied when it comes to kid’s nutritional deficiency worries due to their erratic eating habits. The duo of USANA’s high-quality nutrient-rich Usanimals® and BiOmega™ Jr. are flavorful and yummy chewables to appear no less attractive than kid’s jelly beans.

USANA Children’s Complete Duo contains two kids-friendly supplements:

  • BiOmega™ Jr.: A blend of pineapple or orange flavoured omega-3s for kids who hate fish or don’t step out into the sun. A mixture of omega-3s with vitamin D is a perfect solution for tech kids of today.
  • Usanimals®: A tasty chewable stamped with animal shapes to deliver a complete range of minerals, vitamins, as well as phytonutrients for growing kids.