Understand Your Body’s Need for Exercise

Regular physical activity helps keep your muscles toned and strong, maintains bone strength and density, and improves and maintains your heart and lung functions. Exercise also builds stamina, improves flexibility, boosts your immune system, makes sex more fun, reduces your risk of cancer, improves your reflexes, lowers stress, and benefits your overall physical and mental health. But even more important, exercise is a great way to ensure your metabolism functions at maximum capacity.

Exercise can be divided into three specific types: general activity, activities to build stamina, and exercises to increase strength and flexibility. If you want to age well, maximize your metabolism, and add many more active and vibrant years to your life, it’s important to incorporate all three aspects of exercise into your lifestyle. It’s also highly important that you begin slowly, set realistic goals, and see a doctor before you begin any new regimen. Don’t over do it, but remember that the harder you’re working, the harder your metabolism is working, too!

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