New Tylenol Warning

You may have heard that acetaminophen (Tylenol and generic) isn’t the best choice if you’ve been drinking alcohol or if you drink heavily, because it can damage your liver. Here’s a new warning: No one should take more than 4,000 mg, or eight extra-strength pills, in a day. Staggered doses can be even worse for your liver and other organs than one megadose, says a recent study. Check ingredients in cough and cold meds so that you don’t accidentally take too much. And skip acetaminophen if you have liver disease.

Not a Dry Eye

Showering with your contact lenses in can cause eye infections because of microorganisms in the water. So take them out; if you can’t, keep your eyes shut under water.

Can P90X help you get a hot bod?

The P90X website says its popular fitness DVDs will help you “get absolutely ripped”. But do the workouts “bring it”, as creator Tony Horton promises? They can, according to a small study of young fit adults by the American Council on Exercise. For $140 you get 12 DVDs with workouts such as Ab Ripper X and Yoga X. The key is variety, says the study author: you work your whole body and wont’ get bored. Not ready to splurge on the P90X? Create your own program by varying exercises and intensity.

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