Sweet Urge to Splurge

Does ice cream summon you at night or vending machine candy bars call you during the day? Succumbing to your sweet tooth can become your nutrition or weight control downfall. Wean yourself from the urge to splurge by minding these ground rules for knowing when to give in… and when to slap your own hand.

  • While going cold turkey is sometimes effective, it could put you on a fast track to failure. Consider gradual cutbacks. Drop from 3 sodas/day to 1 or stash half the candy bar before biting in.
  • If the desire to indulge strikes, evaluate emotional triggers — boredom, anxiety, or depression often activate longings. If you recognize why that chocolate cake is soliciting your affections, you might be more apt to shun it.
  • Note vulnerable times of day. Caving in to the rich coffee drink before 9 AM is dangerous if you know you’ll want another by mid–afternoon. Take a different way to work to avoid that favorite coffee stop. And if late–night munchies antagonize you, say yes to your sweet tooth with a piece of fruit.

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