Saving Your Skin

When summer’s heat is pounding down on you, it’s easy to remember sun block. But the sun can damage your skin even when it’s overcast or the weather is cool. So be sun smart even in the early spring:

Know your skin type. Rates of melanoma are rising, and fair-skinned people are at greater risk.

Plan around the sun. Try planning outdoor activities for the early morning or late evening when the sun is weaker.

Dress for success. Choose clothing that’s appropriate for the temperature and covers as much skin as possible — a measure that’s much easier in spring than in summer.

Lather up. Use a sun screen with a minimum SPF 15. And remember, if you’re exercising and sweating, you’ll need to reapply. Don’t forget to wear lip balm with SPF protection as well.

Remember the eyes have it. Wear sunglasses that block UV rays to help protect your eyes.

Simple measures for sun safety can help prevent skin cancer and other issues. Also be sure to examine your skin regularly and discuss any areas of concern with your doctor.

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