Runners World 2013 BEST BUY: Brooks Ravenna 4

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The Ravenna 4 proves that you don’t need an oversized, ugly, and expensive shoe in order to get excellent stability. At just 11.1 ounces, the fourth edition of the Ravenna delivers an excellent balance of cushioning and pronation control, at a wallet-friendly price—though it will cost you $10 more than last year’s model. While the midsole and outsole are said to remain unchanged, testing at the RW Shoe Lab revealed that the forefoot is noticeably more flexible in this update. The shoe’s upper saw subtle tweaks to improve the midfoot wrap and adjustability. “The fit of the Ravenna 4 is very similar to the Brooks Adrenaline,” says Nicholas Stanko, of East Lansing. “It has a better fit in the arch.” This is partly because the band that wraps the midfoot has some added elasticity, letting you adjust the tightness.

BOTTOM LINE: For the price, it’s awfully hard to beat this balance of features and ride.

Weight: 11.1 oz (M); 9.3 oz (W)
Height: 35.1 mm (heel); 25.8 mm (forefoot)

“The cushioning on the shoe is great. When I run, even on the hard pavement, my feet land softly and feel great afterward.”—Megan Carnaghi, East Lansing, Michigan

“This is one of my favorite all-around running shoes that I have tried in awhile. The fit is great, I love the style, and I feel amazing running in them. I definitely recommend them!”—Mindy Patnoude, East Lansing, Michigan

“The fit of the shoe was very similar to the Brooks Adrenaline. Better fit in the arch.”—Nicholas Stanko, East Lansing, Michigan

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