Quinoa pasta and flakes

They’ve got everything regular quinoa (KEEN-wah or kee-NOA) has going for it – more and better quality protein than other grains or seeds, plus lots of fiber – but in tasty new forms. Quinoa flakes (made from steamed, rolled quinoa) can be zapped in the microwave and eaten hot like oatmeal. Or use them in baked goods instead of oats. Quinoa pasta, made from a blend of flours, is higher in fiber, protein, and iron than regular pasta. It’s also gluten-free and is not as grainy as whole-wheat pasta. Substitute it in your favorite recipes, we bet your family won’t even notice!

Toss cooked quinoa spaghetti with salsa verde (a puree of parsley, basil, garlic, and olive oil). Then stir in roasted grape tomatoes and sautéed, julienned zucchini seasoned with garlic, cappers, and chili flakes.

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